A Rhino to be Commemorated in Sudan As a Reminder of Endangered Species!

By Febronia Hanna

The last standing male White Rhino shall receive a three-day cricket tournament. To commemorate his life 18 teams will play 34 matches next week. He has been a reminder of how important it is to look after endangered species, and has received international attention during the time he was expected to die, on his death and after.

via Time

The Tournament Director, Rob Stevenson, stated that the tournament’s name ‘Last Male Standing Rhino Cup’ aims at highlighting the gravity of the endangered species’ statuses.

“The tournament will see teams from Australia, South Africa, Mauritius, and England, participating along with local Kenya teams from Nairobi and Laikipia,” He added. There had been a wave of poaching of Rhinos with over 7,000 rhinos killed in Africa and with only two white Rhinos alive.

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