A New Landmark on the Horizon: Abu Dhabi’s Liwa Sign Sets Guinness Record

Abu Dhabi has recently made headlines around the world by breaking a Guinness World Record. The emirate now proudly boasts the tallest landmark sign globally, surpassing even the iconic Hollywood sign in the United States. The newly crowned champion is the Liwa board, standing tall in the Al Dhafra Region Municipality.

Surpassing the world

Situated on a hilltop 197 meters above sea level, the Liwa sign rises to a remarkable height of 221 meters. Made of metal and weighing 49 tonnes, this impressive structure commands attention for miles around as a testament to engineering excellence and creative vision.

What makes the Liwa sign even more impressive is its size compared to other famous landmarks. While Hollywood’s iconic sign stands at a respectable 13.7 meters tall, the Liwa structure dwarfs it with a towering height of 23.5 meters. Even Dubai’s Hatta sign, which held the record until now, falls short at 19.28 meters.

Liwa Region

This new landmark isn’t just about setting records; it’s also about celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the region. Liwa, located in the Al Dhafra desert, represents a significant portion of Abu Dhabi’s land mass.

It’s a place known for its vibrant festivals, such as the Liwa Date Festival and the Liwa International Festival.

The Al Dhafra region is also home to the charming Liwa Village, a hub of activity with its retail shops, restaurants, and traditional entertainment shows. The addition of the Liwa sign further enhances the region’s fame, drawing visitors to experience its unique culture and hospitality.

As Abu Dhabi continues to make its mark on the global stage, the towering Liwa sign stands as a symbol of progress and ambition.

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