A Legal Round Two: Israel Gets Taken To World Court For Ongoing Genocide

Coming back again is yet another series of legal hearings on the Israeli occupation in Palestine led by the United Nations’ top court. Taking part in the hearings are the United States, China, Russia, South Africa, and Egypt. Israel, on the other hand, won’t be taking part.

The severity and drawn-out nature of the ongoing genocide in Gaza has made these legal hearings a priority. This is the second time that the UN General Assembly asked the ICJ to give an advisory opinion regarding the occupied Palestinian territory.

The hearings will be held up until February 26 as way to increase political pressure over the ongoing genocide happening in Gaza. Once the hearings come to an end, judges are expected to deliberate for several months before they issue an advisory opinion.

It should be made clear that the advisory opinion proceedings are different and separate from the ICJ hearings that were held in South Africa. By the end of late January, the ICJ ordered Israel to do everything in their power to end the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

According to the ICJ, when it comes to the advisory opinion, the outcome that will be released won’t be legally binding but will carry “great legal weight and moral authority.”

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