A Double Sworded Drug: Dexamethasone Tablets For Coronavirus Treatment

By Nour El-Miligi

After many researchers conducted in the UK, it has been announced that using dexamethasone tablets has decreased the death rates of corona patients to the third, emphasizing its strong impact in improving many coronavirus patients alongside its relatively cheap and affordable price. Therefore, many Egyptians started rushing to the pharmacies buying huge quantities from the medicine, however, there seem to be different opinions regarding this drug.

The head of Pharmaceutical Division Dr. Ail Ouf, clarified during a phone call in Ahmed Moussa’s show “Ala Masoleyety” that Egypt has been familiar with that drug and has actually used it on corona patients even before the UK did, yet it’s only beneficial for those in the intensive care, patients on breathing machines or people suffering from severe symptoms.

Doctor Ouf further explained that the drug has proved effectiveness, yet it’s a double sworded drug, as in case of being misused and carelessly consumed, it can cause serious catastrophic effects.

Potential side effects include risk of immunosuppression, high blood pressure, swelling of the face and limbs, vision change, muscle aches, slow wound healing, stomach bleeding, epileptic seizures, increased diabetes level in the blood, and heart failure.

Medically speaking, this drug belongs to the “Cortisone” family which makes it dangerous to be used without under the supervision of doctors. That’s why it’s crucial for all pharmacists not to sell the drug unless provided with a prescription, to help limit the general health deterioration, Doctor Ali Ouf stated.

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