9 Women Who Are Kicking Butt in the Middle East

What better opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of women in the Middle East than International Women’s Day. Arab women have come a long way in the last few years, and I must say, we are becoming stronger than ever. To say that we are asking for change simply wouldn’t suffice. We are making it.

Middle Eastern societies have been male dominated for centuries, but Arab women are standing up and showing the world what they are capable of, and we are loving it.

To be a feminist in the Middle East doesn’t mean that you have to embody “masculine” qualities and wear hideous shoes. You don’t have to find the cure for cancer to be recognized as a successful woman, either.

Being a strong, independent woman can come in all shapes and forms and this means that we don’t have to change ourselves in order to empower ourselves.

So men, you better watch your back because we are smarter, cooler and have nicer hair.

Here are nine interesting women you might not know who have been profiled on @waastaa and who are kicking butt in the Middle East!



Rotana Tarabzouni


Rotana Tarabzouni
Saudi singer Rotana Tarabzouni has taken one big step for women in the Middle East! With Arab women perceived as “oppressed” and “closed-minded”, Rotana lets her beautiful voice vocalize a misconceived perception of women in the Middle East.



Noor Hilal Arnaoot


Noor Hilal Arnaoot 2
Noor Hilal Arnaoot is a Kuwaiti writer and filmmaker who is currently working on a film in Egypt that will bring American and Egyptian film together by featuring Egyptian and Hollywood actors! This girl is definitely making history.



Lana El Sahely


Lana El Sahely
This Lebanese blogger has taken the fashion world by storm. As smart as she is beautiful, Lana is an Economics/Political Studies graduate with a killer style. Her blog was ranked among the top 10 fashion blogs in the Middle East.



Rozan Ahmed



Dubai-based Rozan Ahmed is the founder of bougi.com and one hell of a PR specialist, writer, commercial choreographer and speaker. Is there something this girl can’t do? Known for her creative talents, she has definitely set the bar pretty high!



Tamara Qabazard


Tamara Qabazard
Tamara Qabazard is a third year veterinary medicine student. Being one of the few women in this field in Kuwait makes her our hero. Also being an activist, dancer and fitness inspiration, she is truly a character who we can all be inspired by!



Racha Najmeh


Racha Najmeh
Racha Najmeh has redefined the term healthy eating with her blog BioCalories Nutrition & Wellness. A dietitian and foodie, she will help you redirect your life. Healthy food never looked so good!



Tala F. Saleh


Saudi artist Tala F. Saleh is on a mission to “Mark Beirut”. Using street art as an outlet, Tala’s art tells a story on the streets of Beirut as well as a reflection of an internal struggle.

Her use of street art as a representation of a society that not many people might know is truly motivation to speak out in a way that you are heard.



Asma Hilal Lootah


Asma Hilal Lootah
Asma Hilal Lootah is dedicated to fitness, and to know that, you can let her award-winning pilates studio speak for itself! Based in the UAE, Asma has inspired the lives of many to get up and live a healthier, happier life! You go girl.



Lilian Afshar


The woman behind the creative insect clutches that are now everywhere, Dubai-based Liliana Fshar has taken innovation to a new level! The 23-year-old is a fresh graduate and has already caught a big break as a fashonista with her bug-adorned clutches.



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