9 Restaurants From Other Arab Countries That Need to Open in Egypt

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Egypt is known for its food, good food might we add. From molokheya, to koshari and so much more. But, the rest of the Middle East also have mouthwatering dishes — which is why these following restaurants need to open in Om El Donia.


WARNING: This article is not for the light-hearted, as it might make you drool.



Al-Baik: Let’s begin with Saudi Arabia’s favorite. The ‘broasted’ chicken fast-food chain! We can never stop obsessing over how good their chicken tastes


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Zaatar w Zeit: It is originally from Lebanon, however, it has branches all over the Middle East. It is most famous for its cheesy ‘spizy’ chicken wrap


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Arab Taste: The most exciting thing about this UAE restaurant is how they name their menu items. “Hassan Mattar” and “Arab XL” are the names of chicken sandwiches. It is not known why they are named the way they are, but we don’t care because they taste too good to be true


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Al Quds Restaurant: It is based in Amman, Jordan, and it’s famous for its tasty mansaf, which is their national dish


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Em Sherif: A cozy restaurant that perfects the Lebanese cuisine. Their fattoush and moutabbal are to die for!


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Mais Al- Ghanim: It is a must-try fine dining restaurant in Kuwait. It serves mainly grilled beef and fish platters


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Le Zink: Since Tunisia does not have McDonald’s, it compensates with a restaurants that’s even a lot better. Le Zink is the best burger place you’ll eat from in the Middle East!


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Farooj: UAE does it again! Farooj, which is obviously a chicken place, is the absolute best. Their shawerma game cannot be compared with anyone else


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WE SAID THIS: We will be forever grateful if one of these restaurants opened in Egypt!