9 Fascinating Places Every Student Should Visit in Egypt

Students have to face a lot of difficulties during their college years: dealing with complex projects, doing homework, meeting deadlines, writing papers, and other things that will help them later successfully graduate and get a great job. Even using college homework help to cope with it, they still experience a lot of stress and fatigue. But you should remember that college is not just about studies and deadlines, it is also about fun, trips, and meeting new people. For example, Egypt can become one of the places that can give you unforgettable experiences and memories for life, and in this guide, we will observe the top places you should visit when attending this country. 

Top student destinations in Egypt

Being a student is not easy, and sometimes you have to ask for help not to be left behind (to order an essay paper, you just need to send a request like «Can you do my assignment?» to a professional writing service). This help can also give you more free time for the things you never had time to do: relaxing, hobbies, and trips. If you are ready for your next travel destination, we recommend Egypt – the country of sphinxes, pyramids, and mysteries.

On our list, you can find the top places that every student should visit once they get to this place, and believe us, it’s totally worth it.

Abu Simbel Temples

Egypt is known as a country of astonishing architecture, and one of the examples is these breath-taking temples belonging to the world’s heritage. This place will be especially interesting for students loving history, as it was created in the thirteenth century and buried in the sand for long years until it was discovered by one explorer. Almost 20 meters high statues are just gorgeous: you only need to pay $10 as an entry fee to see all of that.

The Pyramids of Giza

Among all Egyptian tourist attractions, the first thing you should visit is the pyramids (obviously); otherwise, your trip would not be complete. These 4000 years old creatures, with the famous Great Sphinx as the number one attraction, are located near Cairo, and their planning still makes architects stand with their mouths open. These giants are considered the last masterpieces of the old world still remaining, and you shouldn’t miss a tour to see it.

Karnak complex of temples

Another historic place considered the second biggest religious temple worldwide is this complex taking its roots from the Ptolemaic period. It has four sections with different attractions in each of them, including gorgeous halls with walls depicting the history of the country. You can enjoy light shows every day starting from 7 p.m.

The Red Sea

Coming to Egypt doesn’t mean long and boring tours around historic sites, it also means having a real vacation with sun-bathing, swimming, diving, and other water activities in the Red Sea. Sandy beaches, dolphins, beautiful reefs, and other attractions are waiting for you on the shore. If you choose a hotel wisely and use student ID discounts, you can afford all of this.

The Western Desert

This beautiful place has a huge national park that has rock structures, red sand, and high statues that are perfect for camping. With your own tent, you can spend a night in this place for a small fee: in turn, you will receive unforgettable memories and pictures.

Valley of the Kings

This is an amazing historical site with halls built underground for the most worshiped ancient kings of Egypt – pharaohs. Here were buried famous Tutankhamen and well-known Ramses II with all the luxuries and wine the kings might need after death in their next life. Even though many tombs have been robbed by treasure hunters, it is still an incredible place to visit. You can buy a ticket with a 50% discount for students providing you show your ID.

The Nile River

Top one among things usually associated with Egypt is its river, the Nile with alligators, and hidden secrets. You can take a daily cruise and as this trip is a simple and most calming way to see all the temples built on the banks, watch the dunes in the sunrise and after the sunset and take beautiful pictures.

Alexandria Library

Visiting a library will be especially interesting for students, it doesn’t mean that you should study, but you can’t help admiring its beauty and size. Located in the city, it was named after, this place is full of history with different cultural sections and centers. You can also visit the museum part with its manuscripts and antiques.

Egyptian Museum

Back in Cairo, one of the most interesting places is the famous Egyptian museum that has over 120K artifacts, incredible exhibitions with mummies, ancient jewelry, pottery, and lost treasures of pharaohs. For example, you can take a look at the death mask of the king boy that was made of gold and considered one of the most beautiful objects of all time.

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