8 Reasons Why Arabs Should Include Krakow in Their Next Eurotrip

When you say “Eurotrip,” most people think Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Rome, and all the other popular destinations. But if you want to step outside of the box and explore somewhere new, you should definitely consider Krakow, Poland. Here are 8 reasons why visiting Krakow should be




You can easily take a bus to it from three of the most beautiful capitals in Europe.


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Krakow is one bus ride away from Berlin, Prague, and Budapest. There are cheap buses (from PolskiBus) that operate every day from and to those cities. If you’re not a bus person, you won’t get bored from the ride because most buses have WiFi connections and a port to charge your mobile phone. You also have direct flights to Berlin and Budapest from EgyptAir.



It’s an old city full of young people.


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Even though Krakow is an old city with medieval-style buildings and monuments, it is full of young people. It is hard to find old people living or working in Krakow as most of its population are either students or young tourists. That’s one reason why hanging out, making friends, and partying in Krakow is amazing!



Stunning medieval buildings and amazing tourist attractions.


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Krakow’s Old Town is basically something out of Game of Thrones. It is among the first sites that were chosen for the UNESCO’s original World Heritage List. Can you even to begin how good your Instagram game will be when you take a selfie there? The main attractions in and around Krakow are the Wawel Castle, Auschwitz “Block 11”, Wieliczka Salt Mine, and Ojcow National Park.



The hot chocolate there is ACTUAL hot chocolate.


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Every time you order hot chocolate, you expect the usual; milk with some cocoa powder and sugar, and maybe some chocolate syrup if you’re lucky. However, in most places in Krakow, expect real hot chocolate. And by that, I mean melted chocolate that turns into a delicious hot beverage. Sorry diet for I have failed you!



Food lovers will be spoiled.


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Restaurants in Krakow are very diverse, cheap, and delicious. Their local food is just pure perfection! We recommend the Polskie Nalesniki for cheese lovers. Moreover, you can easily find extraordinarily tasty and cheesy foods from international cuisines. Sushi lovers make sure to check a restaurant called “Zen Sushi.” You can thank us later!



The dragon of The Wawel Hill


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If you’re a fan of Lord of The Rings, or any epic fantasy movies in general, you’ll automatically love this place. Dragons are quite popular in Polish folklore. You can find a lot of dragon merchandise all around Krakow, as well as a statue in front of Wawel castle that looks so badass and actually breathes fire every five minutes. Yes, you can go and pretend that you’re the mother/father of dragon. Take that Daenerys!



Lost Souls Alley is every horror fan’s dream.


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For horror enthusiasts, Lost Souls Alley is Poland’s first interactive museum devoted to the basic instinct of fear.



Krakow is relatively cheap.


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Compared to other European destinations, Krakow is very cheap. Always go for hostels or Couchsurfing.



Honorable Mentions


Coldplay are set to play live in Poland on the 18th of June!


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WE SAID THIS: If you went to Poland during the summer, you should visit the beautiful city of Gdansk. The beach there is amazing.