8 Nostalgic Arabic Hits That You LOVE

It all starts with the flip of a channel or car passing by with its windows down. That moment when you hear a familiar tune. And then you’re doomed for the rest of the day.

The song won’t stop playing in your head. You can’t help but sing/hum the couplet you know. For. The. Rest. Of. The. Day.

Worst case scenario, you know the whole song by heart.

To refresh your memory and doom your day, here are some of the most loved Arabic songs that are so significant, you end up re-downloading or searching for them on the Internet when you accidentally hear them out in the world.



“So Ya So” – Mohammed Mounir


As a child, I enjoyed this song as I pictured Mounir singing about an ant, although many people claim that the classic Egyptian tune is laced with political undertones.

But no. You won’t take this Mounir memory from me. Not today.



“Leh Ya Donya?” – Mohammed Mounir and Khaled Aggag


Let’s not forget the famous duet! If you don’t know this song, you cannot live in Egypt. Did you know that Mustafa Kamel wrote it?



“Ya Ghazaly” – Hameed Elsha3ery and Mustafa Amar


Another famous duet from back in the day. And dubstep? Even better. This is one beat that’s hard to kick out of your head. It will follow you wherever you go. Remember when they made Ramadan lanterns with this song? I must have been the world’s first child to have a headache from playing with one for 30 days in a row.



“3eny” – Hameed Elsha3ery and Hesham Abbas


Let’s not forget that Hameed and his best friend and partner in crime Hesham Abbas were the rulers of the duet trend. Mai Selim also makes an appearance in the video clip, where she debuts with a skirt, chemise and two ponytails. It’s nightmarish.



“Ya Walady Ya Walady” – Hameed Elsha3ery


If you think the duets are the best of Hameed, think again. This song isn’t just a repetition of the couplet “Ya Walady Ya Walady” – OK maybe it is, but still, this song is an emotional eleven minute journey down memory lane.



“Roh Elsamara” – Hameed Elsha3ery





“Loulaky” – Ali Hamida


Do you know a Ali Hamida? Of course you do. To be honest. I thought this song was by someone else.



“Yalla Bina Yalla” – Mohamed Fouad


*Dances on the dishwasher* – enough said!



WE SAID THIS: What are your favorite Arabic songs that you listened to growing up?

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