10 Inventions We Thought Would Exist By Now

When we were kids, we were constantly under the impression that the new millennium would hold an amazing future with the most advanced technology that would make our lives a whole lot easier! Every movie, cartoon or game made us imagine and crave those technologies.

On days like these, when we long for that world we constantly imagined, our minds cannot help but wonder how different our lives would be. Here are just some of the things we expected to happen by now and are nowhere to be seen!



Personal Spaceships



Remember the cartoon that used to play on Cartoon Network when we were kids, The Jetsons? I always thought that by 2020 that would be the way to move about and it’s kind of depressing having to be stuck in traffic still when there’s all that air space up there. When will my spaceship be invented?!



Time Machine



With all the movies on time travel we’ve been seeing, how has it not been invented yet?





Kirk, Spock and crew get there fast in Star Trek

Why can’t we just think of a place and magically turn up there? I’ve been dreaming about this ever since I knew how to dream.



Get products from TV on the spot



We’re getting more creative and lazier by the second. If an ad is going to make us crave something, shouldn’t we be able to put our hands into the television and take it then and there? Wasn’t that one of Willy Wonka’s inventions in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory?



Cars that drive you to your destination



If we’re still stuck using cars, shouldn’t they at least be driving us themselves? We have navigators and we have cars, why don’t we combine them together into one and save ourselves the hassle, the traffic and just sit back and enjoy the ride?

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Something that can make you eat without getting fat



Why isn’t the whole world working on this? This would be the greatest invention of all time!



Cure for cancer



With all the money, research, time and technology going into medicine, shouldn’t cancer be something as significant as a cold?


Living on other planets



It amazes me that we’re over-populating one planet when there’s a whole universe out there we could be part of.






Wouldn’t this be the coolest way to go to school?




 AC Clothing



We’ve had thermal clothing for quite a long time, when will something be invented to help us out with all this heat!



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