8 Bridal Fashion Tips for an Outdoor Wedding


Yes, an outdoor wedding maybe risky and the weather is unpredictable bla bla bla, BUT with the right gear and preparations, a bride can master the outdoor wedding like a pro. If you’ll be opting for an outdoor wedding venue in Cheshire, there are a few fashion tips you should take into consideration when it comes to planning an outdoor wedding.

1. Pick suitable shoes

If you are doing your wedding in a garden, you might want to consider ditching the heels and going for wedges instead. It will make it easier for you to walk around and dance the night away. If you are doing it by the beach, consider wearing flats, because sand and heels are not the best combo.

2. Dress shouldn’t be heavy

Wearing a big white poofy dress is heavy and requires a lot of effort. For an outdoor wedding, go for a dress that is much lighter than the usual. Not only will it be more comfortable with the dancing and the wind, but also not all your effort will go into moving in a heavy dress that will heat you up.

3. Ditch the long train

Even if the weather forecast says it is not windy, if a heavy breeze of wind comes your way pulling your train, this will lead to a bridal malfunction. Plus, you don’t want a small tree branch tearing the train or pool water wetting it.

4. Go for a hair up-do

The last thing you want on your wedding day is your hair frizzing up, or worse, sticking to your sweaty body on the dance floor. To make things easier, go for a tight up do, it will keep your hair in place and protect it all night long.

5. Short bridesmaids dresses

For bridesmaids, an outdoor wedding requires twice the work, so dress up your bridesmaids in short light dresses. It will make it easier for them to walk around and do their bridesmaids duties.

6. Wear a veil

Do not ditch the veil for during an outdoor wedding, as that will be one of the main sources of protection to your hair during the wedding. Just make sure it is short and light, so it won’t annoy you from the wind.

7. Colorful floral accessories

I am a firm believer that brides should always go for out of the box statement jewelry from somewhere like this website. However, if you are reluctant to do so, an outdoor wedding is the perfect chance. Go for a colorful statement necklace, it will match well with the whole outdoor ambiance.

8. Flashy sandals

No, you do not need to wear something silver or metallic for your outdoor wedding. Go for colorful flashy sandals for a change, it could be your “something blue”.

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