7 Shaving Myths for Ladies Debunked

We took our healthy skepticism and a bunch of research to find the truth behind some of the most common myths about shaving. Here’s what we learned.

Shaving results in faster hair growth

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False! Hair growth is not determined by a razor or by shaving, but instead by genetics and hormones.

Shaving makes your legs itchy

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Gurl, do not listen to dem people. Having itchy skin most probably has nothing to do with shaving as it can be your own skin issues. If you already have dry skin, pressing any kind of object against your skin can cause irritation. This can include doing something as simple as drying off your skin with a towel after showering.

Shaving results in dry, flaky skin

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While shaving, the razor also also removes dead skin cells, resulting in exfoliation, so there is really no cause for dry skin. If you put the right pressure, you only tend to remove the top dead layer of your skin. This will not make your skin dry but instead will allow a moisturizer to penetrate the skin. It will actually make your skin look smoother and brighter if you use a moisturizer immediately after the shave.

Shaving should only be reserved for hands, legs, and underarms

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Nope! You can actually shave every part of the body without causing any harm to the skin. The key is to use the right shaving technique and the right tools. We recommend Gillette Venus.

Shaving will make your tan fade faster

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Do NOT listen to this 2araf, you simply can’t shave off your tan. Fe eh ya gama3a?!

You don’t need to hydrate your skin before shaving

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Dry shaving increases the chances of skin irritation, grazes, cuts, and burns. Shaving gives the best results when used on skin that has been lubricated with lukewarm water and a shaving gel.

Men’s razors are way, way better than women’s razors

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NO! NO! AND ANOTHER NO! You do not need a man for anything. We repeat, you do not need a man for anything. Why? Because you have Gillette Venus Breeze! The razor is designed to suit the contours of the female body. Since the razor comes equipped with a rubber grip and is designed with blades that hug a woman’s curves, you can be guaranteed that the shave will be a smooth, comfortable one.

WE SAID THIS: Don’t listen to these myths ever again, ladies!