11 TV Shows to Binge-Watch Before 2017

2016 hasn’t been the thing, to be honest. From Egypt’s economy going down the drain to Al-Karak Attack in Jordan, the Arab world just cannot wait for 2017. But how does one pass time until this ugh year vanishes? Well, TV of course. We’ve compiled a list of TV shows to binge-watch before 2017.



The OA


Via Netflix


Netflix’s newest TV show is already being dubbed as the new Stranger Things. The story revolves around a blind girl who goes missing for seven years, then returns…not blind. If you’re into the sci-fi and thriller genres, this is for you. Available on Netflix Middle East.



Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency


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Dirk Gently is a BBC America/Netflix science-fiction detective series based on the Douglas Adams novel series of the same name. If you miss having Elijah Wood in your life, watch it now. Available on Netflix Middle East.



Please Like Me 


Via AU Review


This show is the most raw thing you’ll ever watch. Yes, we just used the word raw because there’s no other way to describe it. You’ll relate to all the characters, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry. Great TV show, please like it. The first three seasons are available on Netflix Middle East.



This Is Us 




If you love a good cry, NBC’s latest offering is made for you. Drama at its best. Oh, it also has Mandy Moore so yay.







The hype is real. This show is worth it. You may need to power through the first three episodes because a) it is weird AF b) it really is weird AF C) but it will be worth it.





Via Netflix


This TV show is a really funny, touching look at three best friends managing their deliciously entangled love lives. The music is great, the acting is great, and it’s so British.


Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage


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Yes, those are three different TV shows but you need to watch all of them. Preferably start with Daredevil, then Jessica Jones, then Luke Cage. The fourth and last addition to that trio, Iron First, will come out early 2017 so you better be ready for it. Think superheroes, but more realistic, and very dark.





Via Netflix


This TV show is about 8 individuals from different cultures and parts of the world, yet they’re all still connected. Sense8 also has one of the most diverse cast on TV, so that’s something. Available on Netflix Middle East.







This irreverent, darkly funny, and completely bonkers show will make your 2016 a little better while you’re still living in it. Based on a cult comic, Preacher combines religious and horror mythologies with sci-fi alien shit and time travel. It’s totally weird and completely absorbing. Dominic Cooper is also pretty.

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