7 Saudi Influencers You Need To Be Following

Saudi Arabia has long been viewed as a conservative kingdom, but things have changed drastically over the last year, so keep scrolling because we’ve listed some of the Kingdom’s best content creators that we think you absolutely need to put on your radar.

Arwa Al Benawi

Arwa is a Saudi designer; she’s the combination of contrasts, blending traditional tailoring with the contemporary, where East meets the West. She stands strongly with women’s empowerment and communicating Arab culture through her amazing brand.

Balqis Al-Rashed

The artist, designer and Nike ambassador, Balqis Al-Rashed, was born in Riyadh and raised in Beirut. She’s the co-founder of Khaleeji clothing line, Qabila Apparel, she exhibited at the Sharjah Art Foundation and was the first international artist in residence at Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. Is there anything she hasn’t done already?

Hisham Fageeh

This 30-year-old Saudi comedian and actor started his career in stand-up with his sarcastic Youtube Channel, “Isboo’iyat Hisham”, and since then he began to perform in many countries, and actually starring in Saudi Arabia’s submission to the Oscars for Best Foreign Film called “Barakash Meets Barakash”!

Tareq El Harbi

He’s an award-winning Saudi comedian based in UAE. He has a great sense of humor that will literally leave you breathless!

Model Roz

Thanks to her beauty and gorgeous figure, Roz managed to become one of the first Saudi models who’ve made it to the international scene.

Njoud Al Shammari 

Njoud managed to build her own empire on YouTube filled with loyal and engaging followers. Her content revolves around makeup, DIY and even comedy skits.

Nora Bo Awadh

Via Vogue

Nora began her career by working at a local salon during the summer, and after getting amazing responses for her work, her next step was launching her own makeup line back in 2016. Since then her brand has expanded massively.

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