7 Online Recruitment Platforms in the Middle East to Keep an Eye on for Better Career Opportunities


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We all suffer from unemployment at some point. Whether you’re a fresh grad or struggling midway through your career life, there’s always a phase when you’re looking for a job. However, job hunting is not an easy task; it could be frustrating, demotivating, and time-consuming. With the current rise in employers completing a background check and other pre-interview tests making it more difficult than ever before to secure the job of your dreams, it is useful to know where to start looking to find employment opportunities. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of online platforms created to make your life easier. You never know, maybe one of them would bring you good luck and help you with landing a job.


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Egypt’s number one online recruitment site is a great platform for connecting employers with job seekers. The great news is that they’re expanding to the Gulf region so more professionals could benefit from their service.


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Bayt is another talent matcher that works on making the recruitment process easier for both employers and job seekers. All you need to do is create a CV and start job hunting. Bayt can also help you with writing a cover letter or creating a professional CV.


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Just like they allow you to buy or sell almost anything, you could also search for a job among the endless job ads. Forget about all the time you waste crossing off ads in newspapers. It’s 2018, everything is digitized and new media is the future.


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This online recruitment portal, founded in 2005, is not just one of the oldest in the industry, but also one of the leading ones in the region. Other than allowing you to post or find ones, it also lets users search for courses relevant to their fields as well.


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The Egyptian based website is basically a search engine but for jobs. As you search for a particular job, Tanqeeb will bring you all the relevant ads from newspapers and other online recruitment platforms.


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This one is for the talented professionals who are too cool for a desk job. Nabbesh.com acts as a great marketplace for top freelancers offering them quality jobs by the region’s leading SMEs and corporations.


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This one’s for the creatives and the designers out there. The Jordanian website is basically the Behance of the MENA region. However, other than posting your artwork and creating an online portfolio, you get to have other benefits. These include networking with people in the field, online learning, and job matching.

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