6 Mommy Bloggers in Dubai to Follow

Mothers are not rare to find. Good mothers are. When the doctor handed you your baby for the first time and you held those little tiny hands, did you ask yourself, “What the hell am I gonna do now with this little tiny creature? How can I be a good mother for this baby?”

Our mamas brought us into this world. They loved us, guided us, supported us through thick and thin and were always there to lend us a helping hand or give a piece of sound advice. They were our best friend and our worst nightmare at the same time, but one thing holds true: They will always be our mother and we love them for it. Have you ever wondered how they did it? What was their secret? And how on earth can you be like your mama and fill her shoes?

Well, as a gift from us to you in the month of mamas, here are some really fun, interesting and informative blogs from mama to mama, talking about personal experiences, giving advice, sharing recipes, tips and tricks and passing along their mamas’ legacies.




1. Tuesday’s Child




Launched in 2012 by Heidi Raeside.

Get ready to be indulged in a bit of motherhood, including interior décor, travel, fashion and gifts. It also profiles the region’s glamorous and high profile moms.

Visit www.tuesdayschild.me




2. Seashells on the Palm




Launched in 2012 by Edwina Viel.

The blog celebrates motherhood and shares the stories of fascinating and inspiring mothers. Mums from around the world share their thoughts, advice and experiences on all things including parenting, travel, fashion, health, beauty and lifestyle.

Visit www.seashellsonthepalm.com




3. The Son and the Moon




Launched in 2015 by Abbey Michelle.

The blog shares insights of a new mom living abroad and covers a variety of topics including work-life balance, travelling with kids, product finds and more.

Visit www.sonandthemoon.com




4. Mum of Boys




Launched in 2014 by Louise Emma Clarke.

In addition to personal anecdotes, family updates and bringing up two boys in the UAE experiences, the blog includes tips for parents on where to shop, family-friendly outings and more.

Visit www.mumofboys.co.uk




5. Sand in My Toes




Launched in 2012 by Tarana Khan Siddiqi.

Over the years, the blog has developed to include further sections dedicated to raising a toddler, activity and craft ideas and expat living, in addition to personal experiences of moving to the UAE and sharing adventures, musings and fears as a new mother.

Visit www.sandinmytoes.tk




6. Mommy in Dubai




Launched in 2012 by Corrine Fuchs.

Parents, parents-to-be and tourists will find a variety of topics on Mommy in Dubai. It offers its readers reviews, recipes and creative ideas and activities for mothers, babies and children to do in the ever changing city of Dubai.

Visit www.mommyindubai.com




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