6 Millennial Jobs Your Arab Parents Will Never Ever Get

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The generation of our parents grew up to become victims of a very common tradition of ours. The tradition entails being not good enough if you don’t get high grades and end up in med school. However, generation Y, known as the millennials, were rebellious enough to defy society’s set of unwritten rules. They refused to surrender to the status quo, because what’s wrong with being smart and going to business school?


After all, those who will be responsible for our country’s economy should be smart enough, right? Adding to that, the constant dynamic change of the external environment due to evolution of technology has had a great share of influence as well. This resulted in some jobs that our parents still don’t completely get.



Social Media Specialist


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“Do they actually pay you for wasting your time on social media?” – your parents’ logic




Social Media Influencer


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– “So thousands of people follow YOU?”

– “Yeah mom”

– “But why?”

– “They find me inspiring, and..”

– “Wait, is your Instagram account public?! Now someone will Photoshop your photos and…”

– *leaves the room*





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No matter what sort of blog you run; be it travel, fashion or lifestyle, they just won’t understand how you’re making money out of pouring your heart out on some website.





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They just won’t get that a producer is that person who initiates and coordinates everything about the production, from budgeting and fundraising to selecting the crew members and making all the required arrangements. It’s not easy to explain to your parents that being a producer is more complex than just spending all your money on some film, assuming you do have the money of course.




Fashion Designer


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Try convincing your parents that you’re not a tailor, sugar-coat it with the coolest job description ever, but it’s of no use.





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As if being just a makeup artist is okay. Plus, why would someone pay money to look like a zombie anyway?



WE SAID THIS: Would your parents understand any of these jobs?

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