6 Iraqi Fashion Designers Who Are Rocking the Industry

Fashion has always been a tool of expression, one’s definition, and a huge mood booster. And since nowadays everyone looks exactly the same, there are a number of amazing Iraqi fashion designers who are always seeking to keep their Iraqi and Middle Eastern tastes alive through their unique designs and change the narrative regarding their country that has been stigmatized for the past two decades. Scroll down to pick your new favorite designer!

Hussain Harba

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The Italia Che Lavora. Third Millennium 2001 award winner, Hussain Harba, is a brilliant architect and fashion designer, and one of Iraq’s prominent icons who seeks to raise the name of Iraq through his design. After graduating, he began his work as a designer for both national and international companies where he was able to design trade fairs and exhibitions all over the world. He owns one of the greatest collections of modern and contemporary Iraqi art in the world, as from 1997-2012 he managed to produce 142.805 perfectly designed items delivered all over the world!

Hana Sadiq

The tasteful fashion and jewelry designer, and Creative award 2020, from The United Nations for Arts Organization winner holds a degree in French Literature from the University of Baghdad. And after having studied painting with some major Iraqi artists, she went on and studied textile design, silk painting, and ceramics in Paris, which enabled her to specialize in mixing Arabic art with contemporary Haut Couture.

Hana’s Al-list customers are Queen Noor and Queen Rania of Jordan and members of the House of Saud and have created beautiful designs for many celebrities as well like Latifa, Ahlam, Rajaa Al-Jiddawi, and Yosra.

Zeena Zaki

Wear a dress from her collection to a party, and for sure you’ll be noticed. Zeena is a very popular haute couture fashion designer in the UAE and Middle East, she launched her first fashion atelier in Dubai back in 2003 operating under the label “Julea Domani” an embodiment of both Edwardian and Victorian eras, which have proven to be very popular among UAEians till today.

Reem Al-Asadi

Based in both London and Tokyo, Reem is an Iraqi-born British fashion designer who has succeeded to blow the fashion world’s minds since the day she decided to launch her label two decades ago. Reem’s designs have proven to be very popular in Japan with her “British punk and recycled materials molded into voluminous and voluptuous Victorian-inspired dresses” kind of vibe.

Salim David Al-Shimiri

Born in Basra, Salim graduated from Baghdad University with a degree in microbiology, then he decided to return to study art. His designs entail selecting the fabrics used, the models, positioning the lighting for runway shows as well as creating the garments.

Before Iraq’s war in 2003, Salim had a very successful career, however, after the toppling of Saddam Hussein and his regime resulted in the loss of revenues and clients for him, and began to gradually have a very pessimistic attitude towards the future of fashion in Iraq.

Tamara Salman

Tamara is half-Iraqi, half-British designer and a brilliant business woman. She started working in the fashion industry since graduating from art school, and worked for some of Europe’s most prestigious fashion houses, like Romeo Gigli and Prada.

2012 was a turning point in Tamara’s career because she started researching and developing her own accessories brand which was officially launched in 2013 under the name ‘Tamara Salman Limited’.

Her designs are hugely influenced by her own mixed heritage, where East meets West, and her love for different colors and patterns.

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