5 Things Breakups Are ‘Great’ For

And you definitely won't regret this IMMEDIATELY.

Breakups are a b*tch, amiright? They’re also a great excuse to wild out and do a bunch of drastic things under the guise of “freedom” and “coping”. No, really, I’m fine.


1. “Breakups are a great excuse to redecorate

Yes! Brilliant. You won't regret this later...
Yes! Brilliant. You won’t regret this later…

Rearrange your room, especially your bed and your mirror. Then try not to feel empty when your own sleep sanctuary is completely unrecognizable.


2. “Breakups are a great excuse for a makeover

And you definitely won't regret this IMMEDIATELY.
And you definitely won’t regret this IMMEDIATELY.

Chop aaaallllll your hair off. Then smile politely when people tell you that your new haircut looks “pretty”. Schadenfreude is a dirty thing.


3. “Breakups are a great excuse to finally get fit


As if the relationship was the reason for your fast food addiction and laziness. Harsh? Yea, so are breakups.


4. . “Breakups are a great excuse to travel


Finally go on that trip you’ve been talking about for months. Block out those thoughts about how he or she “would have loved this place”.


5. “Breakups are a great excuse to reflect on your personal growth

Photo by Kim Button
Photo by Kim Button

Think about all the lessons you’ve learned about how to love instead of all the ways you failed miserably… again. At least you’re getting better at relationships, right? …Right?!


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