5 Summer Spots in the Middle East For Sun, Sea and Adventure

Middle Eastern summers can be extremely hot, but that hasn’t stopped travellers from flocking to the region. The Middle East has some hidden gems that are well worth exploring as well as a variety of different genres of travel be it adventure or luxury. We’ve picked top of our favourite destinations for this summer from the heart of the Middle East.

Tangier, Morocco

The city of Tangier was occupied by England from 1661 to 1684 as part of the English colonial empire before being returned to Morocco in 1956. Before King Charles II received Tangier as a marriage settlement when he married the Portuguese Princess Catherine as Tangier had been ruled by the Portuguese. Often called ‘the gateway to Africa’ the destination has been a travel honey pot for explorers, poets, writers, and artists for many years. Currently, one of the most cosmopolitan resorts in the Mediterranean known for its excesses in life’s many pleasures. Around the bay, upscale new marinas, hotels, and apartment complexes are springing up, and streets are being spruced up as investment pours in.

The Entire Typical House is one of the greatest Airbnbs in Tangier to stay at, making it a perfect option when considering where to stay in Tangier if a busy nightlife is what you’re looking for. It is close to neighbourhood restaurants and bars and situated in the heart of the Old Medina. It offers total privacy, a terrace with breath-taking views, and is close to museums and other attractions.

Are you attempting a budget trip? The Tangier’s Kasbah Hostel is then a fantastic option. In addition to individual, double, and dorm rooms, this historic hostel also has clean modern showers, common areas, a fully equipped kitchen, and a BBQ area. Additionally, you may take advantage of the hostel’s free outdoor terrace, breakfast, and WiFi.

Oran, Algeria

The second-largest city in Algeria, Oran, is a vibrant port city with many ancient structures to explore. Beautiful mosques such as Hassan Pasha and Imam el-Houari Mosque are a must see as well as the Casbah, and Le Theatre. The variety of stunning architecture is arguably the best in any Algerian city. Additionally, Oran is a terrific location for scuba diving, trying authentic Algerian food, and enjoying the lively Rai music, with its roots in the city.

The Sheraton Oran Hotel & Towers’ Le Ciel D’Oran Restaurant is well known for its breath-taking night time city view and incredible rooms for guests. The restaurant’s seafood is fresh and boasts excellence making for a fantastic evening according to The Crazy Tourist. Additionally, the center of Oran’s commerce is located in the Medina Jadida district, also referred to as the market neighbourhood. The enormous market in Medina Jedida is where you can buy anything from flowers to random trinkets. The ideal place for tourists to shop for inexpensive apparel, textiles, and jewellery. When shopping here, haggling is essential, as is keeping an eye on your wallet.

The seaside resort community of Ain El-Turck means “Fountain of the Turks,” and is located about 15 kilometers outside of Oran. The beach, a popular tourist destination, inspired the area’s name. Although this coastal village was formerly known as El Eurfa at that time, it was home to a large number of nomads who marketed their goods at the port of the city. The area is now lined with tourist-friendly hotels, cafes, and restaurants.

Ehden, Lebanon

Ehden is a mountainous town in the heart of the northern mountains of Lebanon. It contains the magnificent Horsh Ehden, which is a natural reserve that is the ideal location to visit in order to reconnect with nature. Despite making up only 0.1 percent of Lebanon’s total territory, the site is home to 40% of the country’s plant species according to the Culture Trip. It is a great place to go hiking and enjoy the stunning beauty of the nation.

Other than the reserve, you can go to The Kannoubine Valley, which is one of the most spectacular sites in Lebanon. Though Lebanon is known for a vibrant night life, adventure and outdoor travel offer a rich experience. Additionally, you should have a look at the fascinating panoramic view from Saydet el Hosn church. According to TripAdvisor, the people of Ehden constructed a sanctuary honoring the Virgin Mary, their patroness, to serve as their fortress and refuge. The fortress and cathedral were destroyed by the Mamlukes in 1283, but the people of Ehden rebuilt them using the fortress’s original stones. It was then repaired in 1836.

Visiting the renowned and historic Al Midan Ehden in the center of Ehden is a sight to see. It is a place where people meet for coffee, lunch, or dinner at the best local restaurants. Where can you stay, though? The Beit Mirna Guesthouse is the place to go if you want to unwind and relax in the midst of mountains and nature.

Aqaba, Jordan

Other than the Dead Sea, the only waterfront in Jordan is found in Aqaba, the nation’s only port city. Sometimes called the window onto the Red Sea, Aqaba has long been an important destination for the country. Also, it is home to colorful market stalls, delicious food, and, of course, access to the water.

Scuba diving is one of the biggest adventures and top attractions to do on your first day in Aqaba. The experience will take you on a journey to explore vivid coral reefs, shipwrecks, and colorful sea life that can be found at Deep Blue Dive Center, the place to go for aquatic adventure regardless of your levels.

While scuba diving is undoubtedly the most well-liked aquatic sport, it is by no means the only one available; other thrilling activities in Aqaba include windsurfing, paragliding, and jet skiing. Families or anyone seeking a more leisurely activity might spend the day snorkeling at Berenice Beach. For dining, Captain’s Restaurant seems to be a favorite among both locals and tourists. It provides the perfect fresh fish in a Jordanian taste.

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Hammamet, Tunisia

Northern Tunisia’s Hammamet, a well-known tourist destination known for its endless beaches and beautifully preserved medina, is located on the Mediterranean coast. The town has been ruled by many different people over the years, including the Romans, Muslims, Spanish, Turks, and French, each of whom left their own architectural heritage. The medina and seawalls were constructed in the fifteenth century, but many of the magnificent whitewashed homes were constructed during the period of French occupation. According to the Culture Trip, Hammamet has drawn a large number of sophisticated tourists over the years, including Sophia Loren (legendary Italian film actress) and Winston Churchill (who led Britain to victory in the Second World War and served as Conservative Prime Minister twice – from 1940 to 1945.)

There is an outstanding family-friendly theme park that will make your trip to Hammamet more adventurous. All fans of amusement parks get their money’s worth here, from thrilling slides to spectacular shows. On the grounds of “Carthage Land,” there is a water park and a museum on Tunisian history. Actually, it was North Africa’s first park of its kind according to Blue.

The kilometer-long stretch of golden sand beach is what draws tourists to Hammamet mainly. It is one of the most stunning beaches in Tunisia and the main attraction in Hammamet. Luxury hotels, shops, and restaurants can be passed as you stroll down the beach. The beach is 14 kilometers long and has exceptionally fine sand. Also, the tranquil and crystal-clear waters make for excellent snorkeling and diving opportunities to learn more about marine life.

In those cities, you will be able to have an exceptional summer experience unlike any other while also taking part in all the activities you enjoy during this season.

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