5 Haircuts You Should Never Get

Surely there are several hairstyles you could pick out to suit your preference, but more importantly, to befit your face type. Going to the barber for a haircut should not just be a regular formality for when you need a change in your physical appearance. It is crucial to settle for a hairstyle that is not dated, but rather is current and brings out the best feature about your face and your personality.

That said, there are some haircuts that you should not ever consider getting. It is not to say that they are totally inappropriate, but rather, that they are not very appealing to the eye, at least not for the day-to-day life activities.

The overgrown

Figure 1 the overgrown

The overgrown haircut is a nostalgic big-do that should never be repeated on anyone’s head. The hairdo poorly covers your face, so that the best facial features you have are no longer the center of attention. When you approach someone with such a haircut the first thing they notice about you is how terrible your hair is. The worst thing about this haircut is that it appears as an unkempt hairstyle, which then makes it pretty difficult to convince anyone that you took any time at all to clean up and groom.

The mullet

Figure 2 Mullet

The famous Billy Ray Cyrus was one who tried to rock the mullet haircut, in the past, and if he could not pull it off, neither will you. This very dated haircut has hair shabbily lying on the head, with part of it long enough to pop in the back. While the mullet was an iconic look of the ’80s and ’90s that is unforgettable, it should not be revived into this time and age. The long history that the mullet haircut has had should just remain that – history!

The rattail

Figure 3 Rattail

Sometime in 2015, Shia LaBeouf tried to rock a rattail on the red carpet, but the haircut has since never been a trending hairstyle. The haircut features an extended braided ponytail at the back, while the rest of the hair is shabbily left on top. The sides of the hair are also trimmed off, which makes it even worse of a haircut. This haircut does nothing for your face, other than make you look mediocre. Other than being dated, it is a hard haircut to pull off at work, any formal occasion, or even for a casual event. If you have never tried it yet, keep it that way.

The mohawk

While it is not exactly the worst of the worst haircuts, the mohawk is a little too dated, having that it is a style symbolism of the 1970s and 80s punk. Ranging from the brightly colored to the extremely detailed, it is not the haircut you want to be rocking in this age and time. Technically, all the hair on the sides of your head is shaved, with the central part standing out tall on your head. You will need a generous amount of product to keep the mohawk in position, but really, why even try. Luckily, if you dig this look, there are some other alternatives you could go for that do not make you look crazy. Reach out to your barber for a couple of tips on how to go about it.

The “carve-it-out”

Figure 5 Carve it out

The “carve-it-out” is a haircut that was popularized by footballers, who would carve out an animal or any other shape and design they fancy onto their head. Ideally, the hair would grow out then be carved into the shape of an item in mind. Some would go for pineapples, while others for lizards, among other things. While this haircut makes you stand out, it is all for the wrong reasons, which is why the haircut should never get to see the light of day – not in this lifetime of the next.

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