5 Great Recipes to Try Today

The intriguing thing about life today is that there is something new for people to learn every single day. That is even more interesting when it comes to food. There are millions of people across the globe who are obsessed with food and love to try something delicious every day. Even if you have MacDonald’s or KFC close to your house, it is better to try a few dishes at home to have a great experience. Here, in this article, we will share a few recipes you must try today.

Fusilli Lasagna

If you are a big fan of Italian food, you must try the iconic Fusilli Lasagna at home. It is a combination of meat, cheese, and lasagna, all packed in different layers. People who are fanatic cheese fans, love to eat lasagna. Although in Italy it is not considered a main course dish, yet most restaurants and hotels offer lasagna as the main course. All you need is good quality cheese, one packet of lasagna, meat, salt, and a few other ingredients to improve the taste. Lasagna is easy to make and you can easily make it within a few minutes. Make sure to have a veteran by your side before attempting this dish at home. It is costly, so you better be careful with the ingredients.

Sheet Pan Harissa

This Arabic dish is eye candy for millions of people across the globe. Apart from its amazing taste, its preparation is what compels every onlooker to try it once. However, there is no fixed rule to prepare this dish at home. All you need to have are a few ingredients and the meat of your choice. There are two ways to make harissa, one that is rich in vegetables and the other one that is rich in meat. After preparing a harissa, you can top it with potatoes, leeks, chicken, and yogurt. You can also consider garlic recipes when making this dish for the first time.

Summer Garden Pasta

The intriguing thing about this dish is, people can’t get enough of it. Pasta is perhaps one of the most popular dishes across the globe that has millions of fans swooning over it. The summer garden pasta is an aggregation of chicken and lots of vegetables. However, owing to the summer season, fans love to cook it with lots of tomatoes, lemons, onions, chilies, everything being fresh from the garden. You can also cook this pasta in olive oil for better flavor. Make sure to season all the ingredients properly before mixing them.

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls

If you’re an ultimate 90’s kid, you will never get tired of these rolls. Cinnamon rolls can be served at a dinner or lunch as a dessert. It is easy to make these tools at home. Depending on what you like, choose the flavoring and use good quality dough to make them. For best results, try to use good quality dairy cream. Cinnamon rolls are so popular that several countries in the world hold annual festivals to celebrate this baked product. So if you’re a fan of cinnamon rolls, try them at home at least once.  Don’t overheat them; otherwise, they will lose their shape during the baking process.

Vegan Squash Soup

If you are suffering from obesity and also want radiant, beautiful skin, make this soup at home. This soup is the best option for winter when everyone is looking forward to eating lighter meals. Vegan soup can be made easily at home with cornflour, salt, eggs, chickpeas, green lettuce, and anything you like. Vegan squash soup can be served as a quick appetizer before lunch and dinner. People who want to lose weight often consume this soup because it helps in getting rid of those extra pounds. Vegan soup is the perfect option when you’re having a bad day at work.

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