Meet Sara Karrit, the Lebanese Choreographer Sending Positive Vibes Through Your Screen

Sara Karrit, or as she is known on Instagram ‘Afro By Sara’, has gone viral with a series of homemade videos of herself dancing her way through the COVID-19 quarantine with her family.

The Lebanese choreographer is a Nike Pro Hijab Ambassador who has made quite an impact in both the local and regional dance scenes. With almost 140,000 Instagram followers, the talented Karrit posts regular videos of her breathtaking dance moves unleashing her natural talent mixed in with years of experience.

Her videos are a unique cultural mix where Karrit professionally dances to afro music, showing the world that dancing is a language of coexistence and tolerance that speaks volumes, often more so than words.

In her latest viral visual, Karrit works it out with her husband and son over a track by DJ Neptune and it is the cutest thing on the internet so far today.

Since the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic, news has been bleak and dreary; more than a billion people are practicing social distancing, and it has been hard, and it will continue to be so, but videos like the one Karrit just posted, are what we need for a daily dose of positivity to keep on going until we are all safe and over this together.

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