5 Animal Sanctuaries in the Middle East That Are Giving Back 

Animal rights is often a topic that people dismiss, despite the fact that it is one of the most pressing issues of our time. Animals all across the world face a variety of challenges, particularly those in conflict zones who are frequently caught in the crossfire. However, there are many animals who are harmed on the streets as well as in zoos. They are exploited for commercial gain, regardless of their physical well-being or degree of liberty. As a result, all animals on the earth, not just those in the Middle East, have the right to nourishment and not to be confined in cages that weaken their spirits and destroy their hearts.

This is when animal sanctuaries step in to save the animals and ensure that they recover their health so that they can enjoy a long and happy life! To raise awareness about animal abuse and the necessity of animal saving, here are five Middle Eastern sanctuaries that are making a significant difference in the world by rescuing animals from whatever cruel situation they were previously in.


Since 2011, the Princess Alia Foundation has collaborated with FOUR PAWS in Jordan on this project. The Al Ma’wa for Nature and Wildlife project offers a regional solution for rescued wild animals as well as emergency relief to animals in Middle Eastern crisis zones. The majority of the animals originate from irresponsible private owners and zoos that are unable or unwilling to adequately care for them. Animals that cannot be returned to their home countries or released into the wild find a permanent home there.

Shaybah Wildlife Sanctuary

The Shaybah Wildlife Sanctuary is one of Aramco’s volunteer community sustainability programs, which helps to restore biodiversity in several areas. The walled sanctuary, which is adjacent to their mega-facilities in the area, currently preserves dozens of local plant and animal species. In the region, there are presently 130 Arabian oryx, 120 sand gazelle, and four Red-necked ostriches. Phase two of the project, which will take a few years to complete, will see more animals delivered until the sanctuary reaches its maximum capacity.

DJ Kennels

This isn’t a music DJ, believe it or not! This is an animal sanctuary that was established in Jeddah in 2017. DJ Kennels provides a home for abandoned pets and even rescued wild animals. The residents of this mini wildlife park include dogs, cats, rabbits, owls, hyenas, and even a lion. Furthermore, they provide pet therapy, animal adoptions, a pet hotel, volunteering opportunities, and animal rescue services.


BETA is a Lebanese non-profit organization that rescues stray and injured animals while also fighting abusive pet stores and illegal wildlife trafficking, which is all too common. This is a group dedicated to improving the lives of animals in the area. Additionally, they provide rehabilitation and a secure sanctuary for these animals while working to find them loving, permanent homes. BETA seeks to avoid animal overpopulation and cruelty, as well as foster a society that treats animals with compassion, via education and direct action.

Omani Paws

Omani Paws Animal Rescue is a volunteer organization that rescues, fosters, and places cats and dogs in loving homes throughout the Sultanate of Oman. The cats and dogs that can be found on the streets of Muscat are the focus of their attention.

Those animal sanctuaries are making a significant change in their communities as they aim to change our harmful behaviors towards animals and save them from the cruelty of the world. As Morgan Freeman said in Evan Almighty, “How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time.”

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