4 Expensive Dishes That Will Blow Your Mind

The very rich are privy to an array of incredible experiences that most of us will never come within a shouting distance of, which is why we tend to regard them with a strange kind of jealous fascination. We’d all like to know, even if just for a day, what it’s like to spend money like water, fly on luxurious private jets, wake up in a multimillion-dollar home, and hang out with celebrities and supermodels. But if you’re a foodie, we’re about to give you several more reasons to be jealous, assembled from all around the globe. This is not the same as if you were buy college essays. These culinary delights are off-limits to all except to those with ridiculous amounts of money to spend.

It’s like if you live in America and are still seeking assignment help in Australia by going all the way down under for an assignment. Imagine the expenses. Here are the ten most expensive food items in the entire world and unless you’re among the super-rich yourself, they’ll empty your wallet just as quickly as they’ll fill your stomach.

Special Delivery Pizza $4,200

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We start things off with one incredible pizza, the one you’ll never find on the menu at Domino’s. In 2006 world-renowned chef, Domenico Crolla of Glasgow, Scotland created a pie intended for a St. Valentine’s Day meal which he dubbed the Pizza Royale 007. It’s unclear why he chose the James Bond reference. Perhaps he needed the superspy to hunt down all of his ultimate pizza’s ingredients. Among the pie’s most extravagant toppings were caviar soaked in fine champagne, choice cuts of smoked salmon and lobster marinated in the finest Cognac available. Then for good measure, he topped off the assembled pizza with a healthy amount of 24 karat gold shavings.

Fortunately, all of this decadence was for a good cause. The pie was created to raise funds for the Fred Hollows Foundation, a non-profit with the goal of eradicating preventable blindness in developing countries at an auction on eBay. The pizza brought home a winning bid of $4,200 snatching the record for the world’s most expensive pizza from a slightly less extravagant white truffle pie created by London’s Maze restaurant which is owned by none other than famed chef, Gordon Ramsay. PaperDoers compiled a research paper for us.

The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence $14,500

This oddly named confection was once considered the world’s most expensive dessert and it can only be found in one place, at the Fortress Resort and Spa in Sri Lanka. At its base, it’s simply a casaba, a traditional Italian sponge cake but this cake has been tricked out with enough expensive fillings and decorations to make it worth slightly less than your average new car. The cake itself is flavored with a fruit-infused Irish cream and filled with a mango and pomegranate compote with a Dom Pérignon champagne sabayon. Adorning the dessert are hand-carved chocolate sculptures of the stilt fishermen which can be seen throughout the area along with delicate edible leaves of gold.

To top it all off, the dish is decorated with an 80-carat aquamarine stone. This incredibly flavored, sublimely constructed dessert is truly one-of-a-kind but if you want to indulge in it, bring your platinum card. The amazing seaside resort may boast sweets starting from only a couple hundred dollars, but the Stilt Fisherman Indulgence will tack a hefty $14,500 onto your bill. Brad from online assignment help tells us how one of his friends actually was able to afford this dish and how envious he was.

English Wagyu Beef Pie $15,900 or $1,990 Per Slice

The fence gate in Lancashire UK is home to the world’s priciest beef and mushroom pie. It’s a traditional dish enjoyed by Brits of all stripes but this version as you might have suspected uses slightly fancier ingredients than tradition demands. To start with, the pie is stuffed with about $1,000 worth of Wagyu Beef which is only obtained from one of four breeds of cattle native to Japan. The chef then adds exquisite matsutake mushrooms which go for about a thousand dollars per pound. Black truffles and the requisite gold leaf are then added before marinating the entire mixture in two bottles of 1982 Chateau Mouton Rothschild red wine which itself rings up at about forty-two hundred dollars per bottle.

It’s then baked inside an expertly prepared crust. The pie is served with champagne and can feed eight people which is a good thing because this is one bill you’re going to want to split. The entire pie costs fifteen thousand nine hundred dollars or just a little under $2,000 per slice but the chef claims that it’s totally worth it to experience the best beef and mushroom pie you’ll ever taste in your life.

Yubari Melons $29,000

Melons are a delicacy in Japan since they’re difficult to grow there, which can make them pretty pricey. The Densuke, a rare black watermelon grown only on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido is the world’s most expensive watermelon but it was put to shame in 2008 by a pair of cantaloupes which sold for over three times that amount at an auction. The melons grown in the Yubari region of Hokkaido were judged along with over a hundred others as part of a competition before the auction and took home the top prize. They were purchased by a local restaurant owner and businessman for the princely sum of $23,000 USD. That is several times more than what the best data science certification costs right now.

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For a time they were the most expensive melons ever sold, but in 2018, the president of a Japanese fruit and vegetable packaging company commemorated his firm’s 30th anniversary by purchasing two prized Yubaris for the equivalent of $29,251 US dollars. The melons were kept on display for a couple of months before being cut into pieces which were given away for free to customers just so a few lucky common people could experience the reportedly otherworldly taste of the king of melons.

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