3ala Rasy Initiative Aims to Empower Women


There has been a time when the loudest of your thoughts ached to blast out on full volume, but couldn’t be heard. A time when your biggest fears was what you might accidentally hear thrown at your way as you pass by. A time when your widened horizons were getting narrower by the day. A time when you walked around surrounded by a halo of self-consciousness, uncertainty and lack of stability. Their looks, their snide comments, their uninviting gestures and pungent criticism. The way they hunted down your dreams and haunted your every vision. And the way they every time succeeded to rattle your faith in yourself.

Well then that era is over, there comes the time when you stagger to your feet, swaying little by little, until you stand still and tall.

This is the time when you could voice your thoughts out, shout them at the top of your lungs. It’s time you realize already that the fearsome factor in this story is you. You should not fear them, or fear what they think of you, you shall forever remain faithful to yourself, and you shall forever vow to prove them wrong. It’s time you take their every hating reference as a motif, to challenge yourself and get beyond what you yourself thought was unreachable.

This is the time you shutter against your own demons. It’s the time you decline the negative vibes, and take in the positive ones. It’s your life, your choices, and it’s your path. From now on, you should learn to seek the best in the worst. You should learn to always look down upon the darkest of things from an enlightened and optimistic perspective. And I think it’s time you started sorting out your priorities, and recalculating your statistics. Because it’s really a matter of how you see things, not as they truly are, but as you want them to be, as you think they should be.

And only then will you tolerate the bittersweet moments in your life, and will be able to carry on after every single time you thought you couldn’t.

Your mind is the most precious saving you gain for yourself at the end of the path. And as much thoughts and controversy there is inside that mind of yours, there is as well a heavy encumbrance of responsibilities and perturbation right above it.

This film empowering women to opt for the sanguine perspective of things is an epic and motivational demonstration to the aforementioned concept, displayed in a very well-written and artistic review of Reverse Poetry.

So this is the film I needed to watch, to acknowledge the fact that no matter how much turbulences there are 3ala Rasy, it’s really a matter of how I react to them. And after having watched it, in this case I choose to see it positively, and deal with it positively.


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