32nd Edition of Arab Music Festival Postponed Among Other Events, In Solidarity With Palestine

In solidarity with Palestine, the Egyptian Minister of Culture, Neveen Al Kilnay has announced the rescheduling of the 32nd edition of the Arab Music Festival until further notice.

After initially set to take place from October 24 to November 2 at the Cairo Opera House, the festival named in honor of late musician Sayed Darwish, was postponed.

The upcoming edition is set to include several activities planned that span 38 concerts, featuring 120 artists. Most notable among them is renowned singer Asala, Aly Al Haggar, Hany Shaker, Hamza Namira, Tamer Ashour, Medhat Saleh, and Angham.

Asala’s concert is the opening ceremony, conducted by Hany Farahat. The festival is expected to kick off in the melodies of Sayed Darwish, followed by a performance by the towering composer Omar Khairat.

Parallel to the concerts held during the live days of the festival, is a conference for specialized researchers and academicians to be held in the small theatre in Cairo Opera House. That is meant to align with the initial goal behind hosting this event, which is discussing the different disciplines in Arab Music and its legacy. The first edition of the Arab Music Festival was in 1992 and was dedicated to celebrating twenty-five years of the great Arab Music Ensemble.

Due to the recent war outbreak between the state of Israel and Ghaza over the Palestinian region, many long-awaited events have decided to postpone or reschedule as an act of solidarity with the Palestinian people. Among those are the El Gouna Film Festival which was supposed to take place this week, Qatar postponing Qatar Creates Week, and the Teatro di San Carlo concert in the Pyramids.

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