250,000 to 500,000 AED Fines For Defaming Others Online In UAE

The online world can be a harsh place, with “trolls” and others trying to create a toxic environment there. However, the UAE aims to combat this issue using heavy fines and jail time especially when it comes to defaming others and swearing on the internet and social media.

The UAE Public Prosecution warned citizens against such acts and others, according to the outlines in Article 43 of the Federal Law No 34 of 2021 for Combating e-Crimes and Rumors.


UAE’s Public Prosecution took to social media to raise awareness of the heavy fines and prison time that may accompany such acts online. 

The authority explained that swearing, defamation, and attributing an incident that would make another person subject to punishment or disdain by others will lead to jail time and/or a fine that is no less than 250,000 AED and no more than 500,000 AED.

“Whoever swears at others, or attributes thereto an incident that would make another person subject to punishment or disdain by others using an information network, a means of information technology, or an information system shall be sentenced to imprisonment and/or fined a monetary penalty of not less than 250,000 AED and no more than 500,000,” the UAE Public Prosecution said.

The authority also explained that if the same activity was done against a public employee or one assigned to do a public task, the guilty party will be assigned a heavier punishment.

“If the acts are committed against a public employee, or a person assigned to perform a public service, or on the occasion of his performance of a public task, this shall constitute a circumstance calling for the application of a heavier punishment for the crime,” the UAE Public Prosecution continued.

The UAE Cybercrimes Federal law includes several articles to combat anything related to online infractions such as promoting a commodity or service through a misleading ad, anyone who deliberately caused damage, destruction, suspension, or disruption of a website, electronic information system, an information network or information technology, and so on.

These laws are in place to deter citizens and others from breaking the law and causing any issues when comes to cyber security.

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