2,500 Lanterns Light Up Abu Dhabi’s Sky Commemorating The Year Of Zayed

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Last night in Abu Dhabi, 2,500 solar lanterns lit to shape the face of Sheikh Zayed, lighting the sky near the founding father’s legacy mosque. On the first day of 2018, The Year of Zayed kicked off with a Guinness World Record-breaking with UAE’s laser light show. Now, another world record has been broken in honor of Sheikh Zayed, and it looks awesome.

The event asked contributors to look for 15 hidden “light bulbs” that have been distributed all over Dubai, each which signifies the notion that “knowledge is a light that never fades.” The event set up after the annual Zayed Future Energy Prize earned a Guinness World Record for the largest environmental sustainability lesson. The lantern show was featured by Illac Angelo Diaz, Executive Director of Liter of Light, which won the 2015 prize.

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According to The National, 282 students from all over UAE participated in the act in Abu Dhabi. The National also stated that “the 30-minute lecture explained how young people can help reduce energy poverty while also challenging them to devise solutions that will bring about a more sustainable future.”

WE SAID THIS: Not only did it light up the sky but also our day!