2020 to Witness Inaugural Edition of Red Sea International Film Festival

Jeddah is finally taking the light from Dubai’s Film Festival and putting Saudi Arabia on the silver screen! A few weeks ago, the coastal city officially announced the inaugural edition of the Red Sea International Film Festival which will be held in March 2020 for nine thrilling days.

The event will bring national and international filmmakers, actors, and media professionals together for the ultimate cinematic experience to the Red Sea’s coasts.

In hopes to promote the Saudi film industry, the festival will host a full range of cinematic events, classes, and experiences. As a result, this will allow the best regional talents to show off their work and expand cultural and creative horizons.

Via Variety

Along with support, filmmakers will be offered five-month plans from regional and international film experts. The two best projects will be awarded $500,000 each. According to the Saudi Gazette, The New Arab Wave will select 12 Arab projects with half of them being Saudi.

Without a doubt, the event will boost Saudi tourism. The promotion and exposure of local films will be a turning point in the kingdom’s history.

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