20 Post-Election Thoughts from an American Abroad

<> on September 9, 2015 in Washington, DC.


Yup, this just happened and Donald Trump is my actual president. As an American living abroad, here are some of the thoughts I had.





  1. Well, I guess now I know that I really did want Hillary to win…


  1. So glad I don’t vote in a swing state. I would be feeling SO guilty right now if I was from Michigan or Wisconsin and had voted 3rd party (even knowing she would still have lost).


  1. Well, at least I don’t have to deal with it in person…




  1. Aw man, Evan McMullin didn’t win Utah?! I was SO hoping that would happen. Would’ve been hilarious.


(Evan McMullin Campaign)
(Evan McMullin Campaign)


  1. Wait, McMullin won 1.7% in VIRGINIA? How did THAT happen?!


  1. Can I just officially be an émigré already? I mean I haven’t lived in the US for a decade at this point and it’s not like I support what’s happening there.


  1. Gary Johnson is batshit crazy but I wish he had won 5% nationally, just to have a 3rd party in the debates next go-around.


  1. Well, Hillary has the majority of the popular vote. For the moment anyway. Not that it matters at this point.


See?! Hillary has more votes!! (Screengrab via Google)
See?! Hillary has more votes!! (Screengrab via Google)


  1. I guess it has to get worse before it gets better…?


  1. I mean we may as well hit rock bottom now and then do something about it. If Hillary had won we’d be stuck with the status quo for a while longer, and let’s be honest, the status quo in America right now is NOT something we want to hang on to.


  1. Chances are Trump is gonna do something to get himself impeached before his term is over, anyway.


  1. Or, on the flip side, maybe he’ll actually do something useful…? I mean, he is the unknown in this equation. And beholden to no one.


  1. …right?




  1. Yeah we’re screwed.


  1. Okay, so he won, but not with a majority. 48% of people who actually voted. That’s not even half.


  1. Can we fix this system already?! This is the second time in recent memory we’ve elected a president who didn’t actually win the popular vote! (Remember G.W.?)


  1. …clearly I’ve done a great job of ignoring this election. I really, really tried!


  1. Sigh.


  1. ...*facepalm*... (ifunny.co)
    …*facepalm*… (ifunny.co)



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