2 Kebda Sandwiches Will Cost 100 LE in Egypt 2019

via El Menus

We’re all aware of the increase in prices, but we’re not particularly aware of the insanity that has happening. We usually think of the prices that belong to luxurious items such — from cars to phones to real estate — but we barely think of the bare necessities; food!


via El Menus


El Menus did just that, and it scared the bejesus out of us! They published their 2016 restaurants’ trends and user behavior insights, and have just revealed the “Prices Forecast in 2019.”


According to their info-graphics, they picked six dishes from different categories and examined how their prices changed from 2013 to 2016, putting into consideration the change in taxes. Then using the very same rate of change, they predicted the increase in prices.


via Elmenus


The prices are terrifying, and they genuinely make us want to starve ourselves to death! The kebda (liver) sandwich will cost almost the same as what you pay for sushi. Let that sink in!


That wasn’t the only insight they had. Their insights included: The budget breakers, Where we are going, Who’s winning the food scene, What people are searching for in their cities, 2016 new cravings, along with many other studies, which are quite interesting for anyone in the business, or just the normal foodies like us.



WE SAID THIS: Find the full insights here, but be warned, they are slightly scary.


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