18 Signs You’re A Struggling Egyptian Doctor

There is something unexplained between Egyptians and medical schools. No matter how much they see doctors suffering, working night and day only to make, may I call it, a complimentary salary, society still brain washes us into wanting to be doctors because, according to them, it’s all about prestige.

Let’s forget about the very few medical tycoons in the city and talk about almost every other struggling physician. Here are some of their daily struggles:



1. You can’t help but compare your salary to your maid’s.





2. You just can’t stop blaming your parents for choosing a medical school, whether they are the reason or not.





3. You’ve been nagging about being a doctor in Egypt your whole life and when people ask you why you didn’t quit school when you had the chance, you say “3alshan 7omaar, I thought it would get better”.





4. You’ve been studying your whole life (Masters, PHD, Memberships, Fellowships, Boards, etc.)





5. You will either get married at a very young age, then suffer from an early mid-life crisis because you missed out on so much, or you will be a “3anes” for a very long time.





6. You work at multiple places, over 12 hours a day and still underpaid.





7. You keep reading inspiring articles about people who shifted careers, but you just sigh and live in denial again.





8. You are not the regular Egyptian citizen who brags about properties, cars and bags, but you find pride in telling everyone about your published studies – and no one gives a shit.





9. You love telling your friends at every event, “I’ve got to leave; I have an operation first thing in the morning” – and you probably don’t, but again, it’s all about prestige.





10. Everyone insists on getting on your nerves by trying to convince you that a clinic will be the end to your financial tribulations by mentioning the names of the most famous medical moguls in Cairo. Let’s face it: Most clinics have a very low patient flow unless your parents have owned it for years.





11. A huge percentage of female doctors stay home after finishing their PhD because they are too damn drained and exhausted, but hats off for those who resist.





12. You prefer hanging out with your own kind because they can relate to your shit.





13. You say, “I will never let my kids suffer the same way. Over my dead body.” But you probably will, just so that they can take over your clinic.





14. Most guys smoke pot early in the morning and late at night to forget their misery.





15. Near your 30s, you start understanding why your professors were so bitter, because you are, too.


Night Gallery - Professor Peabody (12)



16. You have all kinds of back and neck pains.





17. You constantly compare yourself to the losers of your high school who are now rich managers and CEOs and insist on knowing their salaries.





18. You may be in your 40s, but you act like a teenager because you never had a life.





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