14 Thoughts We Have Every Time the Electricity Cuts at Work

One day, we’ll tell our grandchildren about “way back” when we were young and we could charge our phones anytime we wanted. Soon, we’ll be living in a country without electricity, but with only a few hours of sweet, sweet power a day.



Until then, we’re doomed to endure electricity cuts that are only becoming more and more frequent. At least they’re also becoming more reliable, which makes it easier for us to schedule our naps.



Here are some thoughts we have every time the power cuts (By the way, guess what? The electricity went out in the middle of writing this… so then I switched to USB Internet… and then my laptop died.):



1. Noooooooo nonononononono no




2. Please no. Pleaaaasssee let this be one of those 15-minute cuts and not those hour and a half cuts!




3. Yesss, break time! No electricity = no work e-mails




4. !@#$% I didn’t save my work!




5. Okay, okay… how can I stay productive?




6. Thank God for hotspots and USB modems




7. Phone dead, laptop dead, FML




8. *Complete and utter rage*




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9. Uggghhhh I give up




10. Of course. Of course the power went out…




11. DGAF




12. Mmm what can I eat? Maybe looking at ways on how to cook with no electricity will come in handy for the next power cut you have at work. I mean, five minutes without power feels like forever when you’re at work, especially when it gets to lunch time. We all know the feeling. If you’re not prepared for anything else, at least you will be when it comes to food (which is always important).




13. Time for a nap!




14. F*ck it, let’s go home




Meanwhile, your boss is like:




And then when the electricity comes back, it’s either this:




Or this:




Until the next one…




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