12 Things the Coronavirus Lockdown May Just Have Taught Us to Be Grateful For

By Nour El-Miligi

Thanks to the curfew imposed by governments to curb the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve been having so much free time in our hands to reconsider a lot of misconceptions we had about many things in our lives. During hard times, we tend to recall all the blessings we had and feel nostalgic about them. Yet throughout the pandemic we’re currently living, not just that we started appreciating the things we took for granted, but also the not so popular activities we were able to do which we thought weren’t so interesting.

Here’s a list of things you were once running from before quarantine and now you wish you could do them again!

Studying outdoors in co-working spaces

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As much as we hate studying, we can’t deny that being able to grab a coffee and do our studies on a desk with a view is something we currently miss. 

Hugs and kisses

Especially those spontaneous hugs and kisses when greeting the ones you love the most, it was something that we once hated and made fun of claiming it’s cheesy and useless. Sadly, now it’s all that we need to feel that emotional warmth.

The daily routine itself of being a college student

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Including attending those boring lectures and grabbing your favorite snacks and drinks. You can’t have a good laugh and tease your classmates during an online lecture, unfortunately.

Sleepovers with your cousins and friends 

The care-free feeling when you’re over at your BFF’s place, bored and lying on the couch scrolling, putting on face masks, or playing a game or two of monopoly, is now something you’re surely craving and will never take for granted again.

Ordering fast food

with no fear of catching the virus or having a double-infect the food packaging. Remember the time when we spontaneously ordered food without having to beg our parents or reheat the food for safety? Good old days!

Social Clubs 

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Social clubs, a place that once you didn’t consider as the nicest places to hang out at, but you’re now just wishing they’d re-open so you can get a quick walk in the track or have a seat in front of the pool. Never nag about that again! 

Grocery shopping

This mundane task you wanted to run from, you’re now wishing to be chosen by your mother to get the honor to do! Just get me out of the house, please?

Heading to the gym

Many of us can get super lazy when it comes to workouts, now our quarantine body that basically running on high-calorie foods and rarely practicing any activity is crying for some activity and loss of weight!

Ordinary days and Stability of mental health

These days you thought was boring as nothing interesting is taking place, and not asking a hundred “what if” questions during times of uncertainty, was definitely a huge blessing we weren’t paying attention to. Turns out boredom was a luxury back then.

Family gatherings

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Remember when you once had to get creative to find excuses not to attend .. just take me there now and I won’t utter a word! 

Random outings

Don’t you just miss your best friend randomly calling saying they’ll pass by for a casual car ride? I’m never saying no to this again, ever!

Breakfast at your grandparent’s house on Fridays

Having a heavy meal made with love by your grandma and joking about how fat you get during their visits, is no issue now. Seeing their beautiful faces is everything we need right now.

Remember to appreciate and enjoy those little things when all of this is over. Good to learn how to find gratitude within the simplest of things.

WE SAID THIS: it’s the small things that matter!