12 Motivational Queen Rania Quotes to Inspire You

Via Tumblr.
Via Tumblr.
Via Tumblr.


Last week, we talked about how beautiful Queen Rania is, and how her outfit game is always on point. Today, we want to prove that she’s not just the looks, but also the brains. We give you our favorite quotes by her Majesty.



We always say Jordan is not rich in natural resources – we don’t have oil or gas like some of our neighbors do – but I think in terms of human resources, we are quite lucky and we are really trying to foster an environment of innovation and technology. I think Jordan will emerge as a center of innovation in the Middle East.


I have nothing against the veil. And I think that, wrongly, many in the West look at the veil as a symbol of oppression. Now, as long as a woman chooses to wear the veil, because that’s her belief and because of her own – that’s a personal relationship with God, so she should be free to dress in whichever way she wants.


I think change needs to be without ego. It’s not about leaving my fingerprints or a legacy. It’s more important to be part of a process by rolling up your sleeves, being on the ground, initiating projects, starting campaigns – you know, building stuff.


Children keep us in check. Their laughter prevents our hearts from hardening. Their dreams ensure we never lose our drive to make ours a better world. They are the greatest disciplinarians known to mankind.


When you educate a girl, you kick-start a cycle of success. It makes economic sense. It makes social sense. It makes moral sense. But, it seems, it’s not common sense yet.


A society’s expectations of women directly reflect its confidence in its own abilities and own potential.


Learning to read and write changes lives, it means jobs, money, health and dreams fulfilled.


Educate a woman and you educate her family. Educate a girl and you change the future.


My role models are people who can do things; I say to myself, I wish I could do that.


We shouldn’t judge people through the prism of our own stereotypes.


Travelers are the greatest ambassadors of tolerance.


Good teachers teach. Great teachers transform.



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