11 Things Not to Say to Someone Who Just Got Out of a Relationship


Breakups are most certainly not the best thing ever. Since friends in need are friends indeed, then good friends are definitely the ones who comfort you, make you look at the bright side and handle all your drama after a breakup.

However, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to say to a friend who just broke up, because you will never really feel the way they do. I personally advise you to think not once or twice, but thrice, before uttering any comforting word to your friend who just got dumped.

Because hey, it might not be comforting at ALL! I would gladly present to you the things not to say to someone who just broke up and facing heartbreak. Don’t you let them hear the following:



1. He wasn’t even good for you.


So were you just pretending all that time?



2. It didn’t last for long anyway.


Good God, it’s really not about that!



3. Who dumped who?


Does it really matter? And why are you trying to remind me?



4. Are you okay?


Yeah, I am just practicing my role in The Notebook movie.



5. You guys were the best. This is just so sad.


Thank you very much for making me feel even worse!



6. There must be another girl!


It never really crossed my mind. Thanks for bringing this up.



7. But he was SO cute!


It doesn’t really matter to me what you think of him.



8. I never really liked him.


Still, I really don’t care.



9. You don’t need him anyway.


Thank you for your opinion, he’s gone anyway.



10. You can definitely do better!


Not interested at the moment.



11. It’s not the end of the world.


I know it’s not, but this is not what I need to hear right now.



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