11 Ads That Will Make You Feel Really, Really Nostalgic

We’re going to take you down memory — ads — lane where life was much simpler, and we were much, much younger. Beware that you’ll feel ancient AF after reading this listicle.

When Ruby made us fall in love with Faragello juice

When Amr Diab was BFFs with Pink, Britney and Beyonce

The 07775000 mouse that everyone’s favorite low key pet

This duet that was everyone’s either best thing in the world or worse nightmare

When Ahmed Ezz was the Middle East’s Arabian prince

When Crystal oil reigned supreme

When Safo’s theme song was everyone’s national anthem

When Yasmine Abdelaziz was still oh-so-innocent!

When Ahmed Mekki’s rap was a way of life

Can we talk about how Melody Hits had the best ads ever?

But also their parodies for top Western songs were superb

WE SAID THIS: We are getting so old, ugh!