10 Ways to Escape a Horrible Date!

Each and every one of us, girls, have been there; getting super excited for your first date with him, all glammed up and super pumped, but then, it ends up being your worst nightmare. You’re sitting there wishing you were tucked in your bed binge-watching a Netflix series!

So, you have to either come up with a really good excuse to run through the doors and never see his face again or try and just hang in there like a good girl till it’s over. I know how hard it is to go through a lousy date, I remember those dates where I literally just wanted to stick a fork in my eye.

So, if you’re not planning to be brave enough and confront him, I’m going to give you few ideas inspired by my previous experiences, as well as my girlfriends’ stories, that I bet if you hear them, they’ll make your soul cringe. Dear ladies, here’s how you escape a terrible date!

The old “emergency call” card

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You can always fake a phone call; your mom needs you to be home right now, your sister is sick, or whatever comes to your mind first. Take your bag and storm out!

Fake an illness

One of the perfect ways to end the night early is to fake an illness. You can fake a food poisoning or a headache that magically turned to some sort of migraine and you need to go home right now to get some rest.

Go to the bathroom and never come back!

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I know this one is kind of evil, but you can excuse yourself and pretend that you’re going to the bathroom but instead, you head home.

Pull the Cinderella card

Tell him that you have a curfew and that you need to be home by 10. Once, I told a guy that I have a curfew and I need to go home by nine; I really wanted to say eight but I was trying to make my story believable. Make sure to always make your lie sound realistic.

Drop the F-bomb

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You can casually mention in the middle of the conversation that he’s such a good friend of yours or more so like a brother. This would literally kill him right there on spot.

You just got your period

And just at the right time, you get your “period”. Needing to go on a pad run is always a good excuse.

I just saw my “Dad”

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This is one of the perks of being an Arab! You can always use the typical Middle Eastern dad card. It’ll never fail you.

My girlfriend just broke up with her fiancé and she needs me

Plan with your BFF to call you at a particular time and you can fake a story together to get you out of the date.

My cats need me!

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Anyone with a good heart would understand what’s it like to have a pet, they’re like your babies. If he’s a good guy, he would never blame you for going home to take care of your sick kittens.

“I have a paper/article due”

I have been using this excuse since I was 18 and it never failed me. I used to be a Political Science student, so I did have plenty of papers to write every week, and now that I write for a living, I kept using the same excuse whether I had something to write or not.


WE SAID THIS: I have Ummm…. yeah I got nothing….I just don’t like you!