10 Ways Samir Ghanem Was That Inspiration Behind Our Smile

It’s not an easy task to make people laugh from the core of their insides, but when it came to the comedic presence of the beloved Samir Ghanem, he was able to do that with such swish. Surely every comedian has their own style, their own persona, but when it came to Ghanem, he covered them all. He had his unique way of making people laugh, and it doesn’t take a rigid fan to realize this. So what was so special about the comedian’s smooth approach to comedy? Why was it that anyone who watched his movies or his plays was left with not less than a wholehearted smile on their face? Here’s what we found out about all the ways Samir Ghanem fully personified the art of a true comedian.

He invented his own characters

We were all always excited to see Fatota & Samora on stage. Ghanem’s stylistic and defined embodiment of his characters are what made them memorable throughout generations. His humor was very genuine and light on the heart, whenever you heard Fatota or Samora, it was a joke that was received very simply.

He had a variety of voices

Ghanem was clever in his ability to manifest different voices, to make his audience literally feel like he was going from character to character. All the peaks, lows, and hilarious turns in his voice were so intense yet so beautifully received.

He styled and invented his own clothes

The comedian always designed his own clothes that were satirical and ironic in nature. He always ensured to leave his own comedic signature in everything he did, even in the attire he displayed.

He never strictly followed the script

For those of you who watched many of his plays, it was hilarious to see Ghanem go off script so authentically. He never felt the need to abide by the script to the word, at times he would feel it would be more fitting to go on a different tangent. Even Sherine, a famous Egyptian actress, described how many times during a scene Ghanem would spontaneously decide to follow a different pathway in the script, and it was fun for those with him on stage to follow him in the spur of the moment.

He never tried too hard

The artist never tried hard to be funny. His humor came naturally and was received the same way. He didn’t act out, or exert that extra effort to make people laugh, it was always a natural experience – both for him and those who laughed just by being in his magical presence.

He used unusual ‘Iffehat’

Ghanem was known for using funny catchphrases spontaneously in his scenes. He was open-minded and never went by the book, and would often capture his audience with the one or two iffehs.

He diversified his comedy styles 

Ghanem was talented and capable of mastering any comedy style, the satirical, the subtle, and the overt. He was very charming in his approach to humor, and always managed to use a variety of approaches and styles when making his audience laugh.

He understood the philosophy of comedy deeply

Comedy was very personal to Ghanem. He understood it deeply and genuinely, and it was even appreciated in the strategic manner by which he invented his characters, and that is why he earned his title as a renowned comedian. 

He never had problems with anyone

Samir Ghanem was loved and admired by everyone who knew him. He was very easygoing, and simply put, simple. His sincerity was not just a means of tickling people’s hearts, but also developing authentic relationships.

He embodied his charm in humor 

Even the way he walked, all his movements, were deeply embedded in humor. Ghanem played the role of a comedian not just on stage, but off camera too. Anyone who knew him personally would say that they were never around him without sharing his heartfelt laughter.

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