10 Types of Arab Bosses We All Deal with at Work!

It is so apparent that “people don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad bosses” because we all know that our bosses can really nurture the workplace or make it the second hardest place to stay in right after hell.

With that being said, there are types of bosses we all have to deal on daily basis in our hectic work life, and we are glad that this is internationally common.

1. The “Holiday Bully” Boss

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Because unless you are getting one of your organs replaced, you won’t get your vacation request approved.

2. The Indecisive Boss

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When you spend the whole day working on that plan your boss wanted you to do, the next day, you are blamed for the whole day you spent, in literal vain.

3. The Pure Evil Boss 

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There will always be 20 random tasks, 15 emails on the spot to send, and a full research on the whole company, just before you leave out.

4. The “Devil in Disguise” Boss

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We always have that one boss, who complements you yet offends you at the same time, can you relate?

5. The “Joke” Boss

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Asks you to work really hard, and he hardly works. Just never take this one seriously.

6. The “Hawk-Eye” Boss

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Creeps you big time, you just feel threatened, printing that paper, writing that email and he is right there staring at you!

7. The Unrealistic Boss

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What’s wrong with you? You just had an accident and got your ribs broken? You are still expected to show up in the 11 am meeting anyways.

8. The “Takes it Too Far” Boss

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This one also always forgets that you have an actual life.

9. The “Mind-Gamer” Boss 

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You can never really put your guard down.

10. The “One Who Really Believes” in you 

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Like should I procrastinate and get fired or really work hard and regret it.

WE SAID THIS: But of course, we still have to show up to work!