10 Things to Expect When Dating a Libra

Young couple has breakfast at italian café

While Libras can seem aloof and self-involved to some people, when they love, they do it with every sense they’ve got.

Libras go out of their way at any given chance to show their loved ones how much they care and how much they’re thankful for their existence.
Apart from having been lucky enough to witness firsthand how a Libra man loves in the past, I am a Libra myself. Here are a few things you should keep in mind if you’re falling for a Libra:



1. Libras don’t settle


While Libras may have an indecisive nature and may get sidetracked from time to time, deep down they know exactly what they want, whether it’s in relationships or any other aspect in life. They’re not big on wasting time, so they would rather be happily single than in a relationship that doesn’t make them truly happy. However, once they spot what they’ve been looking for, you can bet they won’t stop until they get it.



2. Libras may come off as selfish, but if they love you they will do anything to make you happy


Yes, Libras may have their selfish moments, but that’s just because they hate investing in a relationship if there is the slightest risk that the other person is not willing to give it as much as they are. If, however, you prove you won’t up and leave the minute the road gets rocky, they will abandon their self-loving nature and make sure your happiness comes first, every single time.



3. Libras hate games


Libras get bored easily. So if you’re a fan of the ever so seductive withholding dance, I suggest you steer clear of Libras. While they might think it’s cute for a week, or two tops, they’ll be moving on to another league if yours doesn’t have a final match.



4. Libras hate drama



Libras love to hear about other people’s relationship drama, but should the drama creep its way into their own relationships, they start hating it with a passion. Sure, they throw the occasional fit, but in general Libras like a smooth sailing ship. They hate conflicts. That’s why it takes an awful lot to get them into an actual, heated fight. And you should be thankful because they don’t get into a fight unless they’re pretty damn sure they’re winning it.



5. Libras are sensible


Libra’s symbol is the balance, so it comes as no surprise that nobody has a balanced view of things in a relationship like a Libra does. They will always try to understand where you’re coming from or put themselves in your shoes. Most importantly, they will always give you the benefit of the doubt if they know your heart is in the right place.



6. Libras need their alone time


If a Libra chooses to be with someone, that usually means they love them beyond common sense. However, that doesn’t stop them from needing their alone time. Don’t take this personally, as they find that they need time to recharge every now and then to be able to come back, all guns blazing, and give everything they’ve got to offer once more. They will also be happy to give you your space. Just don’t be gone for long, that freaks them out a bit.



7. Libras love everything about their partner


Whoever came up with the phrase “love is blind” must’ve been a Libra. Even if they weren’t, there is no better phrase that expresses a Libra in love. Their partner is perfect, as far as a Libras is concerned. Even if there are faults, Libras will always choose to see them as things that make up the person they’re in love with and they wouldn’t trade them for the world.



8. Libras hate to be disappointed


Although they generally hold high standards for the people they let in, Libras won’t sweat the small stuff. However, should you truly disappoint them after they have trusted you wouldn’t, that’s the cue for turning their red fire blue. Once they start to see you as someone who can repeatedly let them down, there is usually no going back.



9. Libras have an open mind and an open heart


Young couple has breakfast at italian café

There is no topic that is considered a taboo in a Libra’s book. Everything and anything is open for discussion, when you’re with a Libra. They much prefer to get everything out in the open, even if it is uncomfortable. When it comes to any kind of relationship, communication is key to a Libra.



10. Libras always express their love


Some Libras show it by words, some show it by action, and some show it by intimate physical contact. If a Libra loves, they won’t leave you doubting. This is partially because they can’t hide it when they’re really falling for someone. And it’s also partially because they don’t want to. If they love you, they will want you- and the whole world- to know.


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