10 Items for Every Girl’s Spring Beauty Bag


In Egypt, we don’t get an official spring break like more fortunate human beings in other countries.  Instead, we have awkward days off and holidays framed by weekends. But as soon as the sun makes an appearance, people will head to Sokhna or Dahab for some sunbathing, and it’s time to get your beauty bag ready for that spring getaway.

Here’s a list of what you’ll need:


1. Face cleanser

Your beloved cleanser can’t stay at home while you are facing dust everywhere.

2. Moisturizer

Your knees, elbows and face will need some hydration after a day in the sun and salty sea water.

3. Tanning lotion

It’s time to get a nice splash of sun to tease everyone back at the office. Winter pale, be gone!

4. SPF BB cream 

You won’t really need your foundation and powder – a nice BB cream glow will do for a natural look. Make sure your BB cream has SPF to protect your skin from the sun if you’re planning to wear it throughout the day. Medium coverage will be perfect to hide any discoloration in your face.

5. Lip tint

Lip gloss tends to be sticky and always need reapplying. A lip tint will give your lips a healthy, sexy pinch that will make you look natural and well put together.

6. Water proof mascara

If you are planning on swimming or laughing hysterically until the point of tears, a water proof mascara is essential for keeping your eyes looking presentable.

7. Mini razor/Hair removal cream

I recommend waxing before you travel. However, if you’re in a hurry, the next best thing is to just bring a razor or hair removal cream.

8. Moisturizing hair oil

You will keep your locks from sun and sea damage without losing your sexy beach babe waves. I recommend coconut oil or Moroccan Argan oil.

9. Colorful nail polish

Come on! It’s spring and that means enough with the burgundy, black and navy of the winter. Pastels and funky nail art are really in – make sure you get a mani/pedi before you go on your mini vacation.

10. Nail file

We all break nails when we’re on vacation. A nail file will fix it in a minute.


WE SAID THIS: With the sun starting to come out and the weather heating up, make sure to stay hydrated this Spring with these tips!