Zawquee: This new Fashion Platform is Taking Online Shopping one Step Furthur

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E-commerce in the Middle East is literally booming; it has grown to $15 billion in 2015, up from $7 billion in 2011. According to Arabian Business, it is expected to reach $69 billion by 2020! With the growing interest in online shopping, it could be noted that around 30% of these transactions are accounted to the fashion industry.

A lot of websites are competing for the lead of online shopping in general, and others are focusing specifically on fashion. Zawquee is a strong and promising newcomer to the field; serving as a platform for fashion designers and bloggers to showcase their work for fashion enthusiasts.

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While websites like Instagram provide tools for marketing and content discovery for new cool brands, they are not designed to be e-commerce platforms, which creates a challenge for designers trying to translate social interactions into actual sales. Here’s where Zawquee comes in; offering them not only an online store but also facilitates the showcasing of the items with their powerful photo-editing tool.

Designers can use the tool to create mood boards or outfit collages without the need of use of a third party application like photoshop. After the collage is created and saved, costumers can simply click on the outfit picture they like and buy the whole outfit. The website is not only about fashion, it also contains home accessories, gifts; all local and handmade. Until now Zawquee gathered more than 40 designers and 1500 different designs.

WE SAID THIS: Check it out and let us know what you think.