Sawiris And Amr Adib banter On Shah Rukh Khan’s Budget To Boost Tourism in UAE Will Make Your Morning

There’s absolutely nothing more entertaining than celebrity tweets. Egyptian billionaire and tycoon, Naguib Sawiris, tweeted about Indian Actor’s, Shah Rukh Khan, UAE promotion budget.

While Sawiris was not clear whether he was referring to Khan’s #BeMyGuest campaign from 2016 or a new plan, the numbers mentioned are ridiculous. Allegedly in return of promoting tourism, his Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, offered the Indian star USD 4.5million, residence in the royal suite at Burj El-Arab, in addition to traveling on a private plane for USD 25k.

Now, we’re not surprised that our jaws are basically on the floor right now. However, for one of Egypt’s richest man to tweet about it is just hilarious. Sawiris had a little fun on Twitter and offered to do the job for half the price while transporting himself and he’ll even crash at his friends’ place. Yet, our favorite TV Host just had to outdo everyone and offered to do it for even 25% of Khan’s offer and he’ll stay at a Youth Center.

WE SAID THIS: We’d do it for free…just the visa.