Morocco’s National Football Team Is Shinning In Too Many Ways And We Expect Even More In Russia

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By Nada Hamouda

The World Cup tournament is a huge thing to football fans all over the world. However, it seems like this year is quite special for the Arab world as Egyptians, Saudi Arabians, and Moroccans will be watching their football national teams playing in Russia along with the world’s biggest teams and players.

Moreover, we need to acknowledge that one national team has been proving lately that they definitely deserved to play in Russia. Morocco national team has been breaking records and gaining a huge respect on the social media.

This summer will see The Lions of The Atlas play in their first World Cup after a two-decade of absence. However, it will be their fifth time at the tournament. So, let’s spot more of our Morocco National Team’s favorite moments.

They Won The Race of Humanity:

The Moroccan footballer, Mahdi Benatia, who plays for Italian club Juventus as a center back, was in every football website’s headline.  As in their friendly match against Slovakia, in the preparations for the World Cup, Benatia instinctively covered a little girl’s head during rain with the Moroccan banner.

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The moment has gone viral on social media platforms as people and big Football pages started praising him for showing the good face of football and what sports should really be all about.

Morocco National Team is Making Historic Records:

Morocco’s win over Estonia 3-1 on Saturday has closed them to break the Spanish record, which has not faced a defeat in their last international 19 matches. Morocco has now reached 18 games without losing which makes them only one game away to achieve that.

Morocco Would Be the Surprise of Their Group:

An unfortunate draw put Morocco in group B where they’re supposed to conquer Euro champion Portugal and powerful Spain. The opening match sees Spain against Portugal, while Morocco plays against Iran.

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In a group like this, Morocco will probably need a little bit of luck to get through. However, they have some very talented players who would help make a difference. As the team involves Real Madrid’s 19-year-old central defender, Hakimi Achraf, who recently became the first Moroccan to win a Champions League, while Mehdi Benatia, from Juventus, will marshal the team from the center.

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