McDonald’s Egypt Opened Its Doors to Us and here’s What We Found!

We have always been on the receiving end when it comes to the fast food industry. However, McDonald’s has decided to open its doors allowing its consumers to finally get behind the scenes. Through its “Open Door” program, McDonald’s welcomed members of the media, and the public, at its Concord Plaza Branch in New Cairo in an attempt to debunk the misconceptions that many people have about McDonald’s.

Allowing its guests into the kitchen, the consumers finally got to see for themselves how the process goes in the kitchen in terms of hygiene and quality. To our delight, we got to be one of those people and we’re glad to give you a brief glimpse of what we have seen.

After a short introduction by Gehan El Goly, the PR and Communications Manager, we wore our hairnets and were first guided to the storage room, which was surprisingly airy despite its confined space. Inside the walk-in freezer, we discovered that suppliers provide specially made products for the global brand. It’s no wonder anymore why their milkshakes are one of a kind!

McDonald’s workers wash their hands with AMH sanitizer every half an hour, and they’re reminded to do so whenever a timer goes off. Due to McDonald’s strict standards when it comes to cross contamination, they use two types of gloves: the blue one for raw food and a white one for cooked items. Then we proceeded to the kitchen where all the action takes place!

Now we have an answer for why McDonald’s Coke has always had a different taste to it. With a special machine, they make their own soft drinks with a unique mix. On top of all that, the global chain produces customized buns that are provided by Rich Bake. Then comes our favorite spot on the whole tour, and that is where the world-famous golden fries are made. We were delighted to see first-hand that every frying station was dedicated to a different fried goodie.

According to the PR Manager, the vegetable oil is constantly checked to make sure the color is according to required standards. This is done by taking a sample of it every time something is deep fried. No wonder why the fries are always the perfect golden color.

By the end of the tour, we had a better understanding of how our meals are being cooked before they reach us. From the storage to the packaging of the meals, McDonald’s uses a simple yet thorough process of satisfying its consumers.

WE SAID THIS: Seems like all our favorite happy meals go through a happy process.