International Celebrities Are All Over This Egyptian Male Model

Via Ahmad Kadry

During our daily routine of social surfing, we stumbled upon one particular account that caught our attention; one that belongs to an Egyptian male model. We couldn’t help but stalk Ahmad Kadry the moment we saw Paris Hilton’s comment; a heart emoji, on one of his Instagram posts. Sorry Mr. Kadry, but we needed to know who’s the lucky guy that stole Hilton’s heart away!


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After almost an hour of stalking using our very special Sherlock Holmes investigation kit, we managed to get some facts straight. Ahmad Kadry, 19, first started modeling when he was only 14. At a very young age, he managed to become an internationally acclaimed model; he even did some work for brands like H&M and Gap. The young man quickly garnered a huge fan base inside and outside of Egypt.

#throwback to *baby innocence* me hahaha

A post shared by Ahmad Kadry (@ahmadkadry1) on

This quite explains the foreign followers, but Paris Hilton? What was that all about? Turns out that Hilton and Kadry are actually good friends! And apparently she’s not his only follower and supporter; Naomi Campbell, Emma Roberts, Yara Shahidi, and even IMG model, Halima Aden are all on the list.

In addition to the outside world, Ahmad seems to be pretty popular in Egypt as well. Other than his photos with Egyptian celebrities and icons, some of them also support him. Among his followers are Egyptian supermodels, Tara Emad and Menna El Touny.

WE SAID THIS: Way to go Ahmad! And good luck in your audition next summer for Disney’s Aladdin role! 

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