Video: Amr Khaled Makes Public Apology For El-Wataneya Chicken Ad

Ramadan is the time for fasting, spirituality, humbleness and memes. One man who has found himself the center of every post on social media is Amr Khaled.

عمرو خالد ودجاج وطنية

التراويح احلى مع فراخ وطنية :)عمرو خالد بيعمل دعاية لدجاج وطنيةلا ومش بس كده ده بيقولك مع وصفات اسيا ارتقاءك لربنا في قيام الليل وفي التراويح بيكون احلى !

Posted by ‎القرآن والقانون‎ on Thursday, May 17, 2018

In an unexpected religious twist, the Muslim activist and television preacher starred in an ad alongside chef Assia Othman for Al-Wataniya chicken. Khaled claimed that in Ramadan we all need healthy recipes to elevate our spiritual experience. While going healthy is a no-brainer, everyone managed to turn the ad into a joke, and claimed that Khaled is using his religious influence for marketing.

تعليق د.عمرو خالد علي الڤيديو المنتشر مؤخرا

Posted by Amr Khaled on Saturday, May 19, 2018

The ad was immediately retracted and the Islamist preacher courageously admitted he was wrong in a social media public apology. It’s only the fourth day of Ramadan and celebrities are making public apologies. Social media is ruthless.

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