BREAKING: Coca-Cola Brings Back Its Old Contour Bottle More Than a 100 Years Later

Remember those hot summer days when you stopped for a bottle of coke at a kiosk? It was so refreshing and cold, you held the bottle to your head to cool you down as the old seller waited for you to return it back. Yes, it’s Coca-Cola’s iconic contour bottle that we’re talking about. Well, the great news is, IT’S BACK!

Via Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola created the contour bottle more than 100 years ago and only in summer 2018, it decides to bring it back. The revamped renowned bottle came back with a modern twist with the help of seven of our favorite celebrities of this day. Amina Khalil, Ahmed Hatem, Amir Eid, Mohamed Sharnouby, Lara Scandar, Tamer Hashem, and Enjy Kiwan are the faces of Coca-Cola’s brand new campaign that announced the return of our favorite childhood companion.

Via Coca-Cola

All seven celebrities gathered to share their stories for the love of Coca-Cola, the planet’s most vibrant drink. “There’s a story behind every bottle” is the key message the brand wanted to convey to remind us all how Coca-Cola was part of each and everyone’s story throughout the years. The iconic bottle bombarded the streets of Cairo and social media to carry out the first campaign out of an entire series of campaigns. We can’t wait to see what they have under their hat for us next.

WE SAID THIS: Now we’re super nostalgic!